What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide

by | Jul 25, 2023 | BEAUTY

What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide. There is nothing such as the perfect face shape. On the face of it all, pun intended, the oval face shape is thought to be too much in proportion, there’s nothing makeup cannot create for you.  Apart from dolling you up, makeup artistry is about lending face evenness and character. But before that, do you know your face type and cut? When you do, then you get to learn the right makeup tricks and techniques to contour your face and more. Our face  guide will help you figure out  which face shape you have:

1. Oval Face Shape

An oval-shaped face is inclined to have equal width and length of the face with a tad of width to the cheeks.  An oval face does not require too much definition but one needs to be careful with the blushers, for example. What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide putting on the blusher directly on the apples of the cheeks might lend your face an even wider look making an oval face appear rounded. The trick is to swipe the blusher from the cheekbone down towards the apple framing the face from the side.

Oval Face Shape

 2. Square Face Shape

A square-shaped face is likely to have strong angles, for example, most models have a square-shaped face. It is typical of a pointed jaw, but it also tends to be bony on the forehead. In order to generate a softer look for a square-shaped face, What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide creating contours on the cheekbones, on the temple, and to the sides of the chin may be tried. This makes the face seem a bit rounded; thus more forgiving and softer features.
Square Face Shape

3. Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face looks broader on the cheekbones and thinner on the chin area. This face shape is easy to cut into shape, using makeup, of course. Create some contour on the cheekbones and on the temples, What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide to make the extensive top seem more balanced to the narrow chin.

Heart Face Shape

4. Round Face Shape

Round faces are categorized by a broad forehead area and the space below the cheeks. What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide This face shape is typically proportioned, but in order to make it appear a bit lengthier instead of extensive, apply a contour on the cheekbones and a bronzer on the cheeks to border the side of the face.

Round Face Shape

5. Long or Rectangular Face Shape

One of the most easily identifiable face shapes is the Long-shaped face. Most long-shaped faces would be defined either on the forehead or on the chin to make both ends of the face milder, giving it the illusion of being more balanced and rounded.

Long or Rectangular Face Shape

6. Pear or Triangle Face Shape

A pear-shaped face is thin on the forehead and broader on the jawline. Shaping the cheekbone area tapers down the width of the lower half of the face. Making the eyes pop brings attention to the eyes making for a softer, jawline.

Pear or Triangle Face Shape

That being explained, we all come in dissimilar shapes and sizes and any face shape you may have, never forget you are still beautiful. Makeup is always there to augment your natural features and loving your face shape, What’s Your Face Shape? | Makeup Guide no matter what gives you the confidence to bring out your most beautiful self!