The Makeup

Artist Education

The makeup artist education at SMA International Makeup Academy is a practical education with focus on technical training. We balance 30% theory with 70% practical studies as we believe that extensive practice produces the best artists.

At the beginning of each new theme, the teacher will focus on the theory behind and demonstrate on a model. The theoretic part includes an extensive compendium and oral lectures where focus is on styles, techniques, products, product ingredients and much more.
After the theoretic introduction to a new theme the students work in pairs and groups to practice the techniques.
The teachers follows, corrects and supervises the students’ work on both models and face charts.

As the students from SMA International Makeup Academy are widely recognized for their technical and artistic level, they are often are often invited to participate in real-life work on photo shoots, etc. both before and after the education period.

Evaluations and exams

Our students finishes each subject with an practical exam – where their work is evaluated and professional photographs are taken for the students’ portfolios.

Testing is a central part of the education as it allows both the teacher and the student to be aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The education is not a competition, but we want to ensure that every student gets the most out of the education as possible.
Every student will be evaluated in theoretical knowledge, practical skills and creativity.
At the final examination which covers the full course, a photographer will do a photo-shoot of each student’s work.


Diploma, portfolio and the future

At the last day of the studies students will receive their Diploma and portfolio pictures.
Through our extensive network we often receive inquiries for educated makeup artists, so chances are that we can help you get your career started.
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