– Introduction to Hair, How to section hair
– How to change one hairstyle into another
– Backcombing (different types)
– Making your own padding
– Different types of hair pieces
– How to prep hair, Blow dry with Paddle
– Blow dry with round brush Creating Inward Hairstyles or Volume on the crown
– Blow dry with round brush Creating Outward curl Hairstyles with Voloume on the crown.
– Creating reverse blow dry or voloume curls with round brush
– Use Straightening / ironing machine.
– Create curls with iron or tongs
– Creating curls with tongs.
– Creating massive voloume curl hairtsyles using velcrow rolers
– Hollywood Voloumise Hair style
– Beachy waves
– Traditional Clean Bridal Bun
– Bridal Messy / curly low bun
– Creating contemporary pony styled hairstyles bridal
– Creating half up / half down hairstyles bridal
– Greek braids
– Side bun 1
– Textured updo
– Messy updo
– Mermaid Hair style
– Hollywood waves and front hair setting with Vol Beachy waves Barrel / ringlet curls
– Structured low bun
– Layered vintage fringe .
– French braid

– Fishtail braid
– Boho pull through braid
– How to create extra long plaits
– Boho french braid updo
– French braid bridal updo
– French twist Textured hairstyle for thin and / or short hair Plaited fringe.
– Dutch twist braid Layered vintage fringe, Dutch braid.
– Russian 3D curls half up half down Textured- Russian updo.
– Pinch and pull Russian low bun Textured Russian updo 2
– Textured Updo Partiy Hairstyles
– Beehive Style
– Shell Bun
– Textured Pinch & Pull UpDo
– The Rose
– Textured Low Beam
– Textured Pinch & Pull for short hair
– Textured Plait
– Wave Fringe Low Bun
– Russian flower with Fish tail
– Dramatic Messy Bun with Pull and tug technique.
– Dramatic Mermaid Shell Braid
– Hollywood waves with Volume
– Princess bun