FANTASY & Creative COurse

( For experienced makeup artist only )
Do YOU have a passion for makeup, colours, art and creativity? Then keep reading…….

The Fantasy and Body painting Makeup course at SMA has for a long time been one of the most attractive and unique courses of SMA International. With people flying in from all over the world to attend it at SMA Bangkok, we are also so proud to have the same syllabus and curriculum here in India.

The Fantasy and Body painting course is designed and created by one of the founder, Hilde Marie Johansen from Norway.
With the purpose of learning our students how to find and use the right inspiration and how be creative. Moving deeper into the course the students will have a clear understanding of product knowledge for advanced makeup techniques in face/body painting and also work on advanced and creative Makeup techniques.
This advanced Makeup course what is going to help you to stand out as a makeup artist!

So do you need help and guidance on how to find inspiration and how to bring your wildest ideas to life? Then this is the right Makeup course for you!

This unique Makeup course will blow your creative mind and take your makeup skills to new heights!
Ready ? Enrol today!


  • Creative Makeup Artistry: Fantasy Eye Looks
  • Creative Makeup Artistry: Fantasy Face Sculpting With Creme Products, Color Blending, Textures
  • Face & Body Painting: Inspiration, Tools, Textures, Design Process, 3d Shading & Water Based Products
  • Creative Makeup Artistry: Character Analyse ,
  • Prep Of Character Concept Design & Development Of Props
  • Headgear & Props: Design, Construction & Application Of Headgear,
  • Shoulder Piece & Accessories