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Asia’s Leading International Makeup School

SMA International Makeup Academy was founded in Bangkok in 2013 under the name Scandinavian Makeup Academy – by the Scandinavian professional makeup artists Eva Bartels Thomsen and Hilde Marie Johansen. Both founders shared the ambition of raising the level of makeup education in Asia and the mission quickly proved to be a great success as students today fly in from all over the world to be part of the SMA family and get an education experience of a lifetime.

The Founders of SMA

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The Success of SMA 

Today SMA academies are established in Thailand, India and Myanmar with more branches to come. The key to SMA’s success has been the combination of internationally recognised training methods and the creativity, inspiration and international perspective of professional international makeup instructors.

At SMA, a corner stone in the makeup education is a firm belief that the best makeup artists master equal parts technique and creativity. SMA is therefore dedicated – not only to educate the best makeup artists in Asia – but also to ensure that the students learn to explore their creativity and express it through makeup concepts and art.


The education at SMA

SMA offers a wide range of makeup courses designed for both beginners and experienced makeup artists. All classes are conducted in English and the education is based on a strong backbone of makeup theory and techniques well described in SMA’s own extensive book “Professional Makeup Texhniques by SMA”.

The courses are based on international best practices and we are members of – and complying with the standards and code of ethics defined by the American PBA – Professional Beauty Association.

SMA Makeup Academy is also IMATS member and listed in International Makeup Artist Magazine directory.


The SMA Instructors

At SMA Makeup Academy we value the different backgrounds of our experienced makeup artists and instructors from all around the world – but all classes are taught in English.
Our teachers are professional makeup artists who – along with teaching at our academy – are working on photo shoots, commercials and workshops to stay in touch with the newest trends and inspiration. We believe this guarantees our students the best makeup education.

We always ensure that the assigned teachers matches the requirements of the students’ language skills.


The SMA Learning Environment

At SMA Makeup Academy we have students from more than 30 countries every year; boys, girls, men and women. African, Asian, Latin and Caucasian – and everything in between.

As a creative international makeup school we value our differences and respect each other. We have zero-tolerance for any kind of misbehaviour in relation to any kind of discrimination.

The learning environment at SMA is open, friendly and cheerful, yet focused and professional.


Facilities at SMA
The SMA academies are located in the center of Bangkok, Yangon and Pune with theory room(s), practice area, photo studio and all required professional equipment.

The schools are easy to access, close to public transport and located in areas of the cities that are considered safe for our students.


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