Fashion COURSE

( For experienced makeup artist only )

In this special Fashion program at SMA we give you an introduction to the world of fashion!
Learn all the key elements of how to design looks that are trending for the international Fashion industry. It’s important as a professional Makeup artist that you have a clear Idea of what is Glam and what is Fashion Makeup, as application, techniques and products are different.

We will go through looks designed for both Beauty and Fashion Editorial publications and how it is influenced by History of Makeup.
In this Fashion course also Creativity and Art comes in hand in hand to create unique and artistic modern looks for Avantgarde and Haute Couture designs.
It is advised that you have taken the full Beauty program before entering these Fashion Levels or that you are a experienced Makeup Artist
Ready to be inspired and move to the next level ?


  • Fashion: Introduction To The Industry / The Difference Between Between Glamour & Editorial Makeup (Editorial Beauty Look)
  • Fashion: Graphic Eyeliners & Lip Design
  • Fashion: Avant Garde & Haute Couture
  • Decade Makeup Trends: 1920’s And 1930´S
  • Decade Makeup Trends: 1940´S And 1950´S
  • Decade Makeup Trends: 1960´S And 1970´S
  • Decade Makeup Trends: 1980´S And 1990´S
  • Decade Makeup Trends: 2000 Until 2022
  • Fashion: Moodboard & Fashion Editorial
  • Fashion: Moodboard & Fashion Editorial / Students Presentation
  • Exam: Fashion Photoshoot Based On Trends & Concept