H2 – Intermediate Course In Hair & Salon

Level Hair -2 ICHS: Diploma In Hair Salon Management

This program includes the subjects of The BASIC FUNDAMENTALS Hair cutting, Styling, Coloring & salon Management for those who with to establish a solid career/ Lucrative career in Salon.

The 40 Day program.

What will I learn?

Diploma- Hair Salon & Management

  • Professional ethics, Hygiene & sanitisation, Personal Grooming, body position, Soft skills
  • Salon Management: Developing & Managing people or staff/ Sales & Marketing : The business plan, Phone numbers, Websites and email, Profit and loss accounts, Market research.
  • Business objective, Mission statement ,Further knowledge and legislation rules for salon industry.
  • The process of recruitment: Equal opportunities, Job advertisements,Shortlisting, Interviewing, Making the job offer, Employee rights, Inductions, Appraisals
  • Salon Housekeeping: Health and safety, Salon cleanliness
  • Customer care & service: Receptionist, Trust and confidentiality, Clients visit step-by-step
  • Stock Management: Understanding stock requirement / replenishments. Keeping tab on stock entry & Exit.
  • Financial Management: Understanding income & expenditure, The cash register, Petty cash, Invoices, Cheque books, Accountants
  • Hair Trichology: What is Trichology, Hair Anatomy, Stages of hair growth
  • Hair Methodology in Sectioning & partition, Types of Shampoo & Conditioner,
  • Thermal Styling, Blow dry technique, Round / paddle brush,
  • Ironing , Tonging, Curling, Creating massive volume curl hairstyles using velcro rollers
  • Theory of Hair fall /Dandruff /Split Ends/ Premature grey hair/ Alopecia
  • Treatments : Hairfall/ Dandruff/ Knits/ Lice/ seborrheic Dermatitis


Duration: Monday- Friday

Batch Timing: 10 am – 1 am & 2 Pm to 5 Pm

Total Education Fee:

Total: ₹62,000 /- Incl of gst & photoshoot

Basic kit purchase:

₹15,000/- Scissors, Comb, Brushes, Blow dry, dolly head