W2 – Fundamental and Advance Beauty


What will I learn?

  • INTRODUCTION: Academy guidelines, Hygiene routines, Brushes & Tools, Skin Types and Conditions, Skin Prep, Skin Undertones & Skin Shades, COLORTHEORY: Color theory for Color Correcting, Color Theory for foundation analysis
  • COMPLEXION Foundation textures and finishings, product knowledge
  • FACE SHAPE ANALYSIS-Light & Shadow, Face Sculpting and Nose Contouring, FACE SCULPTING & BLUSH APPLICATION: Contour and Highlight for different Faceshapes and Noses with Creme and Powder Textures. Blush application incl. Finishings & Textures
  • EYEBROWS (Classic Shape): Shading, Shaping, Filling, Coloring & Eyebrow Textures, CORRECTIVE EYE SHADING: Eyeshapes, Corrective Eyeshadow Techniques with Dry Textures
  • EYELINERS- Corrective Eyeliner, Wing Liner & Eyeliner Textures / LIP LINER: Lip Prep, Lip Correction & Lipstick Textures
  • NATURAL & DAY MAKEUP- Color Harmonies and Color Balance, Makeup for Natural Light, Textures, Trends, 1-2 Tone Eyeshadow Technique with Individual Lash Application
  • GLAMOUR & EVENING MAKEUP- 2-4 Tone Eyeshadow Technique, Shimmer Applications, Dramatic Lash Application
  • SMOKEY EYES-Classical Smokey Eye Technique with Dramatic Lash Application
  • SMOKEY EYES- Colorful Smokey Eyes Technique with Dramatic Lash Application
  • HALO EYES Shimmer / metallic halo Application
  • CUT CREASE-Half Crease Techniques
  • CUT CREASE-Full Cut Crease Techniques
  • MATURE SKIN & MEN DEMO: Skin Prep, Products & Textures
  • Bring either male model or mature lady for practice ( or both)
  • Beauty Exam practice
  • EXAM: Professional Makeup Artistry Fundamentals & Beauty Makeup