Market Size & Growth :

The global Market Size is valued at USD 41.49 Billion for the Year 2023
Growth Rate : 4.2 %

The Rapidly growing Makeup Industry is consistently the most Popular segment ,amongst Female. There are various Factors such as disposable Income and increase in awareness of Personal Hygiene , Grooming , Awareness and the Ability to transform and live the character, has contributed tremendously to the growth of The Makeup Industry.

Makeup Products are mainly used on Face, Eyes , Lips and many such skin types. Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, have been instrumental in shaping makeup trends and creating brand awareness. Beauty influencers contribute in promoting products and influencing consumer demands and choices.

The Makeup Industry catered to a diversified consumer base across different age groups, genders, and cultural backgrounds. The increasing popularity of Makeup among Men , Woman and the rise of gender-neutral makeup products contributed to expanding the consumer base.


TRAIN TO BE A GLOBAL MAKEUP ARTIST IN INDIA! As the world shrinks and boundaries are blurred, there is a growing need for everyone to know everything.  We are not bound by nations anymore but instead strive in almost all professions to be globally capable of handling anything anywhere. 


The makeup artistry industry is no different. Techniques, tricks, tips and methodologies applicable in one corner of the globe do not prepare you for the global stage. Enter Scandinavian Makeup Academy – Your gateway to International Excellence in makeup artistry!


At Scandinavian Makeup Academy, we take great  pride in providing a really international makeup education experience. Our academy is wholly intended to offer students the skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to excel in the global makeup industry.


  1. WORLD-CLASS FACULTY: Our brilliant team of expert instructors hail from diverse international backgrounds, with immense experience working across international platforms. They bring detailed knowledge and expertise from various regions, ensuring you expansively understand global makeup trends, techniques, and styles.


  1. GLOBAL CURRICULUM: Our carefully crafted curriculum includes a wide range of makeup practices, including those practised across the world. You’ll learn the latest makeup trends and skills that are in demand in the international arena, giving you an edge over others in the job market.


  1. INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION: We vigorously invest in partnerships with celebrated makeup artists, brands, and professional photographers from around the globe for guest lectures and training sessions so that our students get the best learnings at SMA INTERNATIONAL. These partnerships deliver special opportunities for our students to network, showcase their talents, and gain experience on an international podium.

International Collaborations

4. DIVERSITY IN THE STUDENT COMMUNITY: Our academy attracts ambitious makeup artists from across the globe. By pursuing alongside students from different countries and cultures, you’ll gain a rich cross-cultural experience that will broaden your perspective and add a global touch to your creativity.

Diversity in student community


  1. GLOBAL INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Through workshops, masterclasses, and industry events, we guarantee our students stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the international makeup industry. We bring in guest speakers and industry experts to share valuable understandings, trends, and tips to help you, our students thrive globally.Global industry insights

Whether you dream of being a part of the crew on international fashion shows, film sets, or flying all over the world for bridal makeup or if you see yourself on the sets of a movie anywhere in the world, Scandinavian Makeup Academy will equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed internationally.

Get on board your makeup journey with us and experience the truly international air that sets Scandinavian Makeup Academy apart from all the other makeup academies around you. With branches across the country or a city close to you, we’ve got your back in making your makeup artistry dreams come true!

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