About SMA and how will it impact Indore

In the past few years, the beauty and makeup industry has been thriving more than ever. Fashion is becoming more widely known and applied than before. Indore is adapting to the progressive culture more and more with time, it’s no longer a strictly conservative city. With people coming in for education to treatments from so many places, it is a very fast growing place.
Especially with the immense bridal market, Makeup artistry is no longer considered a hobby, it has become a lucrative career choice. However, becoming a successful makeup artist requires more than just talent, it demands for professional education leading to the right skills.
That’s where we come in! Joining an esteemed institution like SMA international makeup academy can set you on the path of not only financial freedom but a rewarding career.
In this blog, we will discuss how SMA international will fit in Indore as a city, and how it will benefit you as a budding Makeup Artist.

  • Accessibility in central India- Indore will be a centric spot for many, coming in from the North as well as the central parts of the country. The institution already has its branches in Pune as well as Bangalore, catering to the other parts of the country.
  • A standard comprehensive curriculum- SMA follows a comprehensive curriculum, I.E. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including theory, practical application, social media management, as well as industry knowledge. What really makes our curriculum stand out from others is the fact that we not only teach makeup techniques, but also teach product knowledge, color theory, skin types, facial structure, sanitation practices, and client communication.
  • Hands-on training- Practical experience is essential in the makeup artistry field, while theory is also very important, this remains the final step in achieving a professional understanding. This course will ensure you have ample practical experience, allowing you to work with various skin types, face shapes, and ages. Practice is crucial to develop your skills and build confidence.
  • Industry exposure- A reputed makeup academy should offer industry exposure and connections. This can include guest lectures in Indore from renowned makeup artists, internships with prestigious brands, or even participation in events like fashion shows, photoshoots, or weddings. Our role with you won’t just end along with the course, we will help and provide needed guidance afterwards too, such opportunities can help you establish connections in the booming makeup industry in Indore.


What are My Career Options ?

As a Makeup Artist one can work and explore in the following fields :

Makeup Trainer
Bridal Makeup Artist
Print Makeup Artist
Celebrity Makeup Artist
Stage and Theatre Makeup Artist
Runway Makeup Artist
Cosmetic Brands
Retail and Development
Beauty Advisors
Film and Television
Fashion Shows
Online Shopping Websites
Clothing and Fashion Brands

With continuous Passion and Dedication one can pursue and open one’s own Makeup Education Centre under the SMA brand.
If you can relate to any of these then SMA International Makeup Academy is the right Path to kickstart your Work Life.


MAKEUP BY MARIO: THE JOURNEY OF MARIO DEDIVANOVIC At SMA INTERNATIONAL, our mission is to arm aspiring makeup artists with the right tools and training to excel at makeup artistry and build a thriving career in makeup.  Makeup is an extensive industry and stepping into it even with formal training can be scary.

However, it must be known here that not all makeup artists shot up to fame and glory overnight. On the contrary, most come from modest beginnings and humble backgrounds and have worked their way up taking chances and risks along the climb up.  


One such famous makeup artist who shone through all his trials and tribulations to become a makeup artist is Mario Dedivanovic, most renowned for his work with Kim Kardashian West who has been and will always be his muse. They grew together in the beauty industry by being loyal to each other for almost two decades. 


Kardashian West has expressed her strong conviction and her association with Dedivanovic and how their relationship is much closer than simply that of a client and makeup artist. 


Even though Dedivanovic constructed his career with Kardashian West, he’s been through many crests and troughs for the past decade-plus years.  It wasn’t always a rewarding journey. In fact, Dedivanovic faced a lot of difficulties at the onset of his career. 


Two decades ago, Dedivanovic started his journey into makeup artistry while working at the fragrance counter in a Sephora store. In between assisting shoppers with foundation swatches and lipstick ranges, he imagined having his own line of cosmetics on display on the beauty retailer’s shelves one day.

 A customer asked him to select  a shade of a lip color for them  and this interaction was his “Eureka!” moment and he instantly knew this was what he wanted to do.

After creating a portfolio of experience, Dedivanovic quit his retail position and began working as a full-time makeup artist. “I told myself, ‘This is it. You have no other choice. You cannot go back, you have to make this work,” he recalls. 


Regrettably, his conventional Albanian family firmly condemned his curiosity in makeup and wanted him to study and get a college degree. However, he saved makeup in an old show box in his closet, using it only when he was sure no one was present. 

One night, his box was exposed and after seeing his family’s displeasure, he ran away. It is because of this, Dedivanovic stalwartly inspires people to be themselves and not worry if there is a reaction. One must embrace their true selves.

From here, Dedivanovic began working for a small set of high-profile clients and a weekend show at Fox News.

As a guest in a James Charles video, he recollects an unpleasant experience, where a man pushed him away, refusing to have his makeup applied by a man. He swore to never apply makeup on a man again and he seemingly stuck to his vow.

And then one fine day, a photographer friend asked Dedivanovic to apply makeup to an up-and-coming reality star named Kim Kardashian. Believe it or not, it was an invitation that Dedivanovic had nearly declined!

After his makeup application, Kardashian was awe-struck and continued to book him. This association lasted over a decade. As Kardashian’s fame cultivated, she and Dedivanovic uploaded a YouTube video that presented to viewers the secret behind her look—the contour and highlight. This trend went viral and along with it Dedivanovic’s career.

Wishes of more lessons fell into his Instagram account and he decided to start the Masterclass. At first, only seating 16 attendees, it now seats hundreds of people keen on learning the MakeupbyMario magic!

2020 marked Mario Dedivanovic’s 20th year as a professional makeup artist and to commemorate his 20th anniversary, he’s celebrated in a major way with the launch of his luxury cosmetics brand Makeup by Mario And just as he had manifested as a young employee in Sephora, today, Makeup by Mario products are available exclusively in Sephora stores and online at sephora.ca, as well as makeupbymario.com.

It takes a lot of hard work, no doubt but with commitment and sound intuition, you can become a great makeup artist too. It’s all about following your passion and your dreams and believing in yourself.


THE BIRTH OF THE MAKEUP MAGNATE CALLED KYLIE JENNER. The origin of Kylie Cosmetics was a blend of requirement, chance, and drive. The inevitability arose from Kylie’s individual discontent with her thin lips, which she later converted into an outstanding opportunity by introducing her notorious Lip Kit.


At an age when most children are fretting about homework and school proms, Kylie was on television prancing around on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, one of the most successful reality TV series internationally. It was an eccentric childhood that revealed to her an inimitable combination of being in the public eye and making the most of it. But it was also a stage that catapulted her into the international limelight, prepping her for what would later become a universal beauty empire.

The impact of her mother, Kris Jenner, and her siblings, particularly Kim Kardashian, cannot be undermined in determining Kylie’s early aspirations. Kris, the matron of the family, was the tour de force behind the Kardashian’s multi-million-dollar undertakings, and her business shrewdness clearly rubbed off on Kylie.


While her sisters set up businesses in fashion and mobile gaming, Kylie’s interest in beauty led her to the world of cosmetics. It all began in 2014 when Kylie, embarrassed about her thin lips, got lip padding. She faced substantial repercussions from fans and the media alike for changing her appearance but later used this experience to her benefit. The outcome was the Kylie Lip Kit – a combination of a lip liner and matching lipstick that became the foundation of her beauty brand.

The Beginning of Kylie Cosmetics: The Deliberate Leap

Kylie Cosmetics, a brand that arose from the star-speckled hills of Calabasas, California, did not simply ride on the coattails of its founder’s existing fame. Instead, it was a premeditated and calculated venture that had a wide-ranging understanding of its target market, a stable grip on the authority of social media, and a crystal-clear brand identity.

Her ambition was mirrored in her yearning to produce a brand that was exclusively her own and to control her influential platform to create a beauty kingdom.

In 2015, with the funds of her wealthy family, a massive social media following, and a love for beauty products, Kylie launched the first product under her brand, ‘Lip Kit by Kylie.’ This early launch saw three different shades of lip kits readily available online, and as a demonstration of the comprehension she had of her audience and the market, it was sold out in less than sixty seconds!

But it wasn’t only the star factor of Kylie Jenner that was selling these lip kits. Behind the scenes, a well-planned marketing and brand approach essayed a huge role in the prompt success of the lip kits.

The brand strategy was shrewdly simple – play on exclusivity. By making a product with restricted obtainability, Kylie created a sense of eagerness among her followers. Traffic to her website led to the lip kits flying off in a matter of seconds.

Kylie’s marketing policy was just as inventive. Instead of conventional advertisements, she turned to her own social media. With millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter, she could directly market to her target audience, nurturing a unique brand-customer relationship. This direct-to-consumer prototype was the game-changer, linking customers to the brand in a manner that old-style beauty brands hadn’t mastered.

The business model supporting Kylie Cosmetics was exclusive too. Kylie subcontracted production and sales to private-label producer Seed Beauty and the e-commerce platform Shopify. This allowed her to focus on her strengths – forming the product vision, marketing, and branding, and charming her followers.

In 2016, she retitled her brand to Kylie Cosmetics, initiating a range of products that included new lip kit colors, eyeshadows, and blushes. In doing so, she converted her endeavor from a single-product business into a full-fledged cosmetics range. And her followers lapped it up. The brand sustained and grew with a pop-up shop in LA luring thousands of shoppers, further demonstrating the power of her brand.

The birth of Kylie Cosmetics was not simply the consequence of an advantaged background; it was a premeditated leap that necessitated an understanding of a market and its consumers and then delivering a product they wanted. Kylie and her squad used a blend of keen business acumen, an understanding of the digital landscape, and her personal brand to fashion a beauty empire.

The success of Kylie Cosmetics speaks volumes about Kylie’s capability to decode her personal brand into a successful business. It also delivers valuable lessons for ambitious entrepreneurs about knowing your audience, using your strengths, and tactfully aligning your brand.


THE CONTROVERSIAL MAKEUP STAR- JEFFREE STAR. Jeffree Star is one of the most controversial influencers on YouTube. He’s also perhaps one of the most authoritative in the evolving and surging makeup industry. 

Star, whose actual name is Jeffrey Lynn Steiniger Jr., has been an internet superstar for more over ten years now and initially rose to famr owing to his singles on Myspace. Now, he’s a tycoon in the cosmetics business with 16 million faithful YouTube followers. 


Star’s captivation with makeup began in his teenage years when he fixated on Cosmopolitan magazine and experimented with his mother’s eye shadow on the sly. After finishing high school in 2002, he operated at several makeup counters and landed odd jobs doing makeup work for marriages, superstars, music videos, and fashion shoots.

In 2014, with a gigantic fanbase on YouTube, Star invested his money to fund Jeffree Star Cosmetics as an e-commerce business he today owns and controls.

Star was infamous for uploading personal blogs and vlogs online. He rapidly became an internet luminary, gathering attention in as early as 2003 on MySpace. 


He became renowned, in part, by the utter strength of his personality, and his exclusive androgynous demeanor. You’ll see that in old videos and photos, he exhibited a look similar to what he’s now famous for: A mop of colorful hair, a lot of makeup, a body full of tattoos, and a transparent personality.

His larger-than-life image gained him fans, and he was predominantly well-known among castaway teens. 

He elaborates, “I have a lot of youngsters writing to  me with their life  stories lamenting that their father is pounding them just  because they  like to dress differently.’ And I promptly reply to them and let them know that it’s OK to be different!”

A little later, Star transitioned from Myspace to YouTube, where he shared colorful music videos that emphasized his costuming and makeup talents. 

He contracted a record deal with Akon’s label in 2010, but never released a second album. In 2018, interview, Star claimed that personality mismatches with Akon led him to abandon making music in 2013.

Star’s escalation to fame, from his initial music career to becoming a YouTube star.

In  his vlogs, Star often tossed around racist smears and said offensive things about African-Americans and Mexicans. In 2017, after some of those videos reappeared, he spoke of them in a YouTube video and went on a media tour where he expressed regret saying he’d changed.

“It’s disturbing. It’s foul. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch those old videos,” Star famously said. “I’m ashamed as a person because that’s never what I stood for.”

In his more recent makeup vlogs on YouTube, Star has made a point of supporting cosmetics brands that accommodate darker skin tones.

Soon, he rapidly began concentrating his energies somewhere else. Star put all  his life savings into a collection of liquid lipstick he manufactured under his new brand : Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

“I recall being so terrified whether this was going to work out f or was I going to end up back in the mall  at the MAC counter again,” Star told a popular magazine when he began his makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. “This is perhaps the most frightened I’ve been in my entire life.”

Star endorsed the line a lot through his own YouTube channel. It was an overnight sensation and he was sold out. All thirty thousand units of the original creative line sold out within a few minutes of his launch, in November 2014, according to Cosmopolitan.


Today, Jeffree Star boasts of over fifteen million subscribers on YouTube and thirteen million followers on Instagram. He’s grown from a provocative music star to a strong pillar in the beauty community. Star’s line of cosmetics, including his popular liquid lipsticks, is cruelty-free. According to Forbes, Jeffree Star’s cosmetics company has  made a profit of hundreds of millions of dollars, making him a powerful entity in the beauty industry.

He rose to fame with popular makeup vlogs on YouTube and then kick-started his own cosmetics line.

Before that, Star was an unassumingly successful Myspace musician. He’s one of the original internet personalities.


THE QUEEN OF MAKEUP TUTORIALS—NIKKI DE JAGER. A renowned YouTuber, Nikki De Jager of Nikki Tutorials, started uploading videos to YouTube in 2008, at the mere age of 14, after binge-watching MTV’s The Hills while she was unwell and being enthused by Lauren Conrad’s makeup, she began probing through YouTube for tutorials to reconstruct the look and was encouraged to begin fashioning her own. After creating videos for about two years, she signed up for professional makeup coursework at B Academy in Amsterdam. Come autumn of 2013, she landed the role of the head makeup artist with Paul Fisher for the RTL 5 show I Can Make You a Supermodel De Jager left Colorful Agency at the start of 2014 to work independently as a freelance hair and makeup artist.


Forbes magazine named De Jager one of the top ten beauty “influencers” by 2017.  In 2017, at the Shorty Awards, Nikki was awarded the “YouTube Guru” and consequently at the Teen Choice Awards the award for “Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star” was conferred upon her. 


In January 2019,Marc Jacobs Beauty chose  De Jager as their Global Beauty Adviser. In this newly created role, Nikki was involved in the brand’s product development process, as well as will

Be sharing  her unbelievable talent and expertise to expand on her unique content and makeup artistry around the globe on Marc Jacobs Beauty and her own channels. 

In 2020, it was declared that De Jager would become a goodwill ambassador at the United Nations. 

In September 2021, De Jager announced her own cosmetic brand, Nimya, after having worked on it for three years.At the launch,  the  brand featured three products only namely Moisturizer/ Primer Hybrid, Setting Spray, and Cooling Ice Stick & Glow Serum, and a mini fan to go with the products.

Nimya was born out of Nikki’s quest to find the greatest makeup products and if and when you still missed out on finding that perfect product.. what do you do, make it on your own, which is what Nikki did and today through Nimya, Nikki’s makeup essentials are cutting edge and a must-have in any makeup enthusiasts’ arsenal. 

Just like Nikki, you too get to write your own story and project that version of yourself that you admire the most. At SMA INTERNATIONAL, we offer just the right tools, in terms of education, practical practice, and international exposure to bring out the best in you.

Nikki De  Jäger is a true example and inspiration that you can get anywhere as long as you put your mind into it and focus. Never give up! The beauty industry is big and growing! 

Follow your own path and find your own style in this creative journey towards becoming a professional makeup artist! 

Start your future today with SMA INTERNATIONAL where we will train you to be absolutely ready for the industry! We can’t wait to meet you and bring you into the SMA family!