Asia’s Leading Makeup Academy – SMA International, Now in Chandigarh ! 

Asia’s Leading Makeup Academy – SMA International, Now in Chandigarh ! Chandigarh is home to a vivacious and accomplished community of thriving professionals, each with their own unique style and approach to standing out. Makeup artistry is one such profession that has truly caught speed as a career option for many. From bridal makeup to special occasions and daily glam, talented makeup professionals have the skills and proficiency to help you feel confident and radiant. 

Whether you’re looking for a brigh, dramatic look or something more toned down and natural, there’s a makeup professional in Chandigarh who can bring your vision to reality . These professionals are committed to ensuring their clients look and feel their best, using only the best products and techniques to create stunning makeup looks that last. 

International Makeup Courses in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a union territory and an extremely well-planned one. It is also one of the cleanest cities in India teaming with a young population that’s ambitious and constantly on the lookout for new global opportunities.

 Since the state of Punjab witnesses a large number of students who migrate to the West for higher education and brighter prospects, Professional makeup courses in Chandigarh are the need of the hour that impart training of global standards. 

This is where SMA INTERNATIONAL steps in with the SMA makeup academy in Chandigarh, which is an international makeup academy in Chandigarh contributing to quality, professionalism, and growth in the beauty industry through its expert training, international courses, international exposure, and international platform that will educate you to be an international makeup artist in Chandigarh.

Best Makeup Artist Institute In Chandigarh

As a top makeup academy, SMA INTERNATIONAL comes to Chandigarh and aspirants can expect to learn the best in makeup artistry from international trainers who will train you in employing advanced techniques considering your skin tone and any sensitivities, trainers at SMA Makeup Academy ensure you’re comfortable and completely satisfied with your training.

 For us at SMA INTERNATIONAL, no detail is too small when it comes to teaching you at our makeup academy. With a passion for creating professional makeup artists, we at SMA Makeup Academy managed to turn the dreams of countless makeup artist aspirants’ dreams of being on the international beauty stage.

Makeup Artist Course in Chandigarh

So, if you have been harbouring the dream of being a global makeup artist that’ll make you the envy of all your peers, SMA Makeup Academy is the best makeup institute in Chandigarh to get trained at.  With a wealth of academic and practical training and a track record of satisfied students, you can be convinced that you are in good hands. When it comes to career planning, there are several decisions to be made – but with SMA INTERNATIONAL, your standard of training will be one less thing to worry about.

SMA INTERNATIONAL is heralding a revolution in the beauty industry with great scope for makeup artists and hairdressers in India and abroad. With advancements in every field, the beauty industry is also etching its mark as a mainstream career option. SMA Makeup Academy offers the best makeup artist courses in Chandigarh to enable the youth of Chandigarh and the country to be well-educated and qualified.

Makeup Courses in Chandigarh | Best Makeup Academy

At SMA INTERNATIONAL, our goal is to explore the beauty industry and develop a well-trained and capable workforce creating global standards and practices offering a quality career-oriented education. We provide students with theoretical concepts and offer real work situation practices.

 It will improve students’ skills and make them well-prepared for real work environments.
A leading learning approach is our focus at SMA INTERNATIONAL. Our makeup artistry courses and practical application sessions are aimed at teaching students’ international standards of beauty. The academy is organised, managed efficiently and in accordance with  special attention to comfort, space and ergonomics. It makes it simpler for candidates to work freely and learn quickly.

Professional makeup courses in Chandigarh

SMA INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading makeup academies in India. Those seeking a career in makeup artistry on international and domestic levels. Join our unique and signature courses in the beauty industry. For example, our Fantasy Makeup and Body Painting course has assisted several makeup artists get hired easily in the international job space. This is a shout out to all beauty aspirants in Chandigarh!

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WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN IN THE FIELD OF MAKEUP. What does being empowered mean? By definition, it suggests having the power and authority to do things and make decisions. To brand something stronger, and more confident with your actions. 

Makeup artistry is a creative and a lucrative career option with a very wide  array of possible options, and successful makeup artists use  their design skills to experiment and  beauty products to create outstanding  and exceptional bridal looks. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Makeup artistry is a great career option for women looking to upskill themselves and be financially independent.  Those individuals keen on makeup artistry as a career must keep up with fashion trends and product developments, and express a keen interest in skin science and beauty.


Makeup artists are those professionals who prep people or patrons who are required to face the camera or a live audience. They apply makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion shows, magazines and other such productions including all aspects of the fashion and modelling  industry. The people who are in need of the  constant services of  makeup artists include fashion models, film actors and high-profile persons  who live in the limelight and are constantly facing the camera  or are in the news  constantly etc.


Women empowerment has slowly but surely crept into and made a strong foothold in the Indian mindset. These days women want to generate their own sources of income and create their own identities but lacking in exposure and affordability India’s talent does not come up to speed with international or global standards as expected. Clearly, the beauty industry internationally is a booming and constantly evolving industry. More so here in Asia and especially in India where the wedding industry witnesses heavy investments along with commercials and especially the film and television media.



 The industry is largely dominated by male makeup artists. The seed of thought, after a detailed study of the market was sown when Dr. Rita Verma, who came to India over 18 years ago and saw that makeup artists were not as skilled in the technicalities of makeup and because they were chiefly trained by individual makeup artists, they fell short in evolving their own personal creative skills, especially in the Bridal, Tv & Film spaces. Editorial makeup was mainly done by expensive makeup artists from abroad that only renowned established companies could afford because of the lack of local talent.

 In her decade-long study of the makeup & cosmetic market, Dr. Verma realized that the industry was heavily dominated by male makeup artists who were compensated more than their female counterparts.  


Her vision and goal, therefore became to empower women in the field of makeup artistry and that led to her partnership with Eva B. Thomsen and Hilde M. Johansen who put their heads together to bring a change in the industry. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN IN THE FIELD OF MAKEUP Thus,  SMA International was born with the aim to encourage and make students more confident and gain international exposure in their own country.

 This vision makes SMA more than just an academy,  it becomes your family. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT What the dynamic trio hopes to achieve, is, to ensure that the students get an education in India that functions on globally recognized standards.


In a world governed by social media, people across the world are enthused to build their careers in the beauty industry. It is a great progress that empowers and enables women to build inspiring careers and focus on their independence and living standards through their passion for makeup and beauty. Many education providers such as SMA INTERNATIONAL recognizes those dreams and high hopes of the young generation and aim to provide global-standards, high-quality education that matches any international standards for professional makeup and beauty standards.


INTERNSHIP AND PLACEMENT PROGRAM AT SMA INTERNATIONAL. Makeup is not, as it is popularly believed to be  about making someone look artificial. It is, in fact, all about  highlighting one’s natural beauty and one’s most attractive features. Makeup artistry is an unappreciated  form of art  that is now finally getting its due as a full- blown career option  that a lot of people are opting for these days.

A makeup artist helps accentuate  one’s beauty and brings it to the fore. From advising clients on what products to use to dress their faces  up for  special events, a makeup artist assists you with all your grooming requirements. There are several ways one can go about o educating oneself on the subject of makeup artistry  and then proceed to shaping their career as a makeup artist. With Makeup Artist jobs picking up pace more than ever now and makeup academies and institutions  grooming you for the same from beginner courses that teach the basics to advanced courses that train you in advanced makeup techniques and tricks to building  a successful career as a makeup artist is now a dream that people can realize easily and moreover at any age.


AT SMA International, the students receive hands-on training and get to learn about industry trends and experiment with these trends too. Our courses offer excellent product training and tools to groom you to conduct yourself as a knowledgeable and professional makeup artist. As a part of our courses, you gain in-depth knowledge of the makeup industry, which is important in winning and leaving your mark in the world of beauty and makeup.  

At SMA International, we focus on the all-around performance of our students’ performances as they learn and grow with us through our in-house internship and placement programs. 


 Once the students complete their course, we interview our top-performing students on the parameters of attendance, conduct, decorum & of course the skills they have learned. In every quarter, we finalize two interns who are selected for paid internships at any of our centres for a period of three months.

Students who have completed their P4- Masters Makeup program or P5- The Grand Master Makeup Program are eligible to work as interns with SMA International Makeup Academy at any of our center’s. 


Interns will gather the experience of working as a part of the management at SMA INTERNATIONAL where advanced skills training will be offered as a part of management training. Additionally, interns also develop confidence in their chosen career path and learn the required professionalism of a working environment. After the internship is completed, letters of recommendation are issued to the intern that further assists them in applying to other cosmetic/ makeup organizations. This opens up numerous avenues for interns to work in the industry with their advanced & higher skill sets. 



 Once the internship is over, the interns are now eligible to apply as a trainer at our academy or any other makeup academy. It also gives them opportunities to be placed as a makeup artist with major brands such as MAC, Sephora, Kryolan, Makeup forever, Bobbi Brown, Nykaa Luxe and so many more. 

Completing a makeup artistry course and entering the profession of makeup artistry is a dream career for many people who get happiness in making others look great and transforming their looks through the craft of makeup. The beauty and makeup industry has witnessed a boom in the recent past which has brought about a certain level of competition in the field of makeup artistry. In today’s times, each and every person strives to look their best as it not only boosts their confidence but also lends a feeling of immense positivity. People are being experimental and keen to try new looks in keeping with global beauty trends and this has led to the need to constantly update your makeup skills, train in new advanced techniques and trends in makeup artistry. 


CAREER OPTIONS IN THE FIELD OF MAKEUP ARTISTRYS. Times have changed tremendously and with it so have people’s perceptions, attitudes, and stances toward career choices these days.  Particularly when it comes to womenfolk having a career today. Today’s millennials are moving away from what’s trending in mainstream careers and are pursuing their heart’s truest callings, giving rise to alternative career options. This new generation is not about doctors and engineers, but instead, Gen Z is about directors, influencers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and many such exciting new careers. 

The makeup and beauty industry has always been a huge aspect of society. From movie sets to news channels to weddings to fashion shoots, one thing that is a constant across these evolving industries is beauty, hair and makeup. Besides, today’s constantly evolving technology and the digital era have assisted today’s generation in discovering   a pool of opportunities in the field of beauty and makeup. It is no more about simply pursuing one’s love for makeup; in fact, it’s now about  fashioning  a successful career out of this love and passion for makeup artistry.We list the exciting career options  one has in the field of makeup artistry


  • Makeup artist

A lucrative career opportunity to consider especially if you are passionate about makeup. The demand for a makeup artist has only grown steadily as everyone these days puts a lot into looking their best. Makeup artists are a prerequisite for movies, films, television serials, editorial fashion shoots, photoshoots, bridal shoots, parties and just about every sphere of life today.  The importance of makeup artists has just grown exponentially in the wedding industry of the South Asian subcontinent. With  weddings in India and other parts of Asia being a major event that is  planned right from childhood, it’s a very special occasion  where every single detail is important. Therefore,   the makeup artist role plays a major role in preparing everyone for this special day as well as all the functions held prior to and following the  main day.

One can upskill too in this field by upgrading themselves with the latest techniques and practices in the makeup industry such as airbrush makeup, High-definition makeup, celebrity makeup artist, bridal makeup artist, stage and theatre makeup, fantasy makeup and so much more. 

The various career options within the field of makeup artistry are:

Makeup Trainer—Once you have upgraded yourself as a makeup artist, you realize you’re fit to impart your knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques learnt to others. 

The various career options within the field of makeup artistry are

Bridal Makeup Artist – A specialization within the space of makeup as a career is to dress up a bride and prepare her to face the camera for long hours looking her very best. 

Print Makeup Artist—Makeup in the editorial and print medium has picked up pace in recent times and thus, the rise in the demand for makeup artists in the print industry.  

Celebrity Makeup Artist — Celebrities are in the business of looking good all the time and who can do that better than trained and talented makeup artists? 

Stage and Theatre Makeup Artist–Stage artists and theatre actors don several looks within the span of an act and require several makeup looks, and touch-ups to live up their characters   on stage 

Runway Makeup Artist – On the rap accompanying the fabulous outfits that walk down the fashion runway are perfectly done up faces to enhance the look of the ensemble. 

Cosmetic Brands –Makeup brands themselves are constantly seeking makeup artists to join their teams and push their products at the point of sale. 

Retail and Development –Retail brands create catalogues of their merchandise so that interested customers can appreciate curated looks and be persuaded to purchase the look. Makeup artists are in demand in this space too to complete the look for the retail brand. 

Beauty Advisors –Beauty advisors or BAs. are employed at the counter of cosmetic brands to assist customers in purchasing cosmetic products best suited to their skin tones and face cuts. 

Film and Television— The film and tv industry continually require makeup artists to enhance their look on screen. 

Events – Several fashion events, wedding events, award nights, etc. call for the services of makeup artists to look their best 

Online Shopping Websites – Online businesses much like physical businesses are also attempting to make their products, be it apparel or beauty look good for which they call upon makeup artists. 

Blogging – A full-fledged mode of advertising has shifted online by way of blogging, YouTube channels, Instagram and influencer marketing. Those who have taken to advertising for brands online through these channels require to look good too. Makeup artists assist bloggers in looking great to help advertise and push sales of products they are promoting. 

Makeup Influencers: In today’s AI powered digital world, makeup artists have a lucrative career in digital marketing too, where they endorse brands by doing online tutorials and bringing forth new trends and  techniques. This is the most popular stream of makeup careers chosen by the new generation of makeup artists.