About SMA and how will it impact Indore

by | Dec 1, 2023 | CAREER, COURSES

In the past few years, the beauty and makeup industry has been thriving more than ever. Fashion is becoming more widely known and applied than before. Indore is adapting to the progressive culture more and more with time, it’s no longer a strictly conservative city. With people coming in for education to treatments from so many places, it is a very fast growing place.
Especially with the immense bridal market, Makeup artistry is no longer considered a hobby, it has become a lucrative career choice. However, becoming a successful makeup artist requires more than just talent, it demands for professional education leading to the right skills.
That’s where we come in! Joining an esteemed institution like SMA international makeup academy can set you on the path of not only financial freedom but a rewarding career.
In this blog, we will discuss how SMA international will fit in Indore as a city, and how it will benefit you as a budding Makeup Artist.

  • Accessibility in central India- Indore will be a centric spot for many, coming in from the North as well as the central parts of the country. The institution already has its branches in Pune as well as Bangalore, catering to the other parts of the country.
  • A standard comprehensive curriculum- SMA follows a comprehensive curriculum, I.E. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including theory, practical application, social media management, as well as industry knowledge. What really makes our curriculum stand out from others is the fact that we not only teach makeup techniques, but also teach product knowledge, color theory, skin types, facial structure, sanitation practices, and client communication.
  • Hands-on training- Practical experience is essential in the makeup artistry field, while theory is also very important, this remains the final step in achieving a professional understanding. This course will ensure you have ample practical experience, allowing you to work with various skin types, face shapes, and ages. Practice is crucial to develop your skills and build confidence.
  • Industry exposure- A reputed makeup academy should offer industry exposure and connections. This can include guest lectures in Indore from renowned makeup artists, internships with prestigious brands, or even participation in events like fashion shows, photoshoots, or weddings. Our role with you won’t just end along with the course, we will help and provide needed guidance afterwards too, such opportunities can help you establish connections in the booming makeup industry in Indore.