INTERNSHIP AND PLACEMENT PROGRAM AT SMA INTERNATIONAL. Makeup is not, as it is popularly believed to be  about making someone look artificial. It is, in fact, all about  highlighting one’s natural beauty and one’s most attractive features. Makeup artistry is an unappreciated  form of art  that is now finally getting its due as a full- blown career option  that a lot of people are opting for these days.

A makeup artist helps accentuate  one’s beauty and brings it to the fore. From advising clients on what products to use to dress their faces  up for  special events, a makeup artist assists you with all your grooming requirements. There are several ways one can go about o educating oneself on the subject of makeup artistry  and then proceed to shaping their career as a makeup artist. With Makeup Artist jobs picking up pace more than ever now and makeup academies and institutions  grooming you for the same from beginner courses that teach the basics to advanced courses that train you in advanced makeup techniques and tricks to building  a successful career as a makeup artist is now a dream that people can realize easily and moreover at any age.


AT SMA International, the students receive hands-on training and get to learn about industry trends and experiment with these trends too. Our courses offer excellent product training and tools to groom you to conduct yourself as a knowledgeable and professional makeup artist. As a part of our courses, you gain in-depth knowledge of the makeup industry, which is important in winning and leaving your mark in the world of beauty and makeup.  

At SMA International, we focus on the all-around performance of our students’ performances as they learn and grow with us through our in-house internship and placement programs. 


 Once the students complete their course, we interview our top-performing students on the parameters of attendance, conduct, decorum & of course the skills they have learned. In every quarter, we finalize two interns who are selected for paid internships at any of our centres for a period of three months.

Students who have completed their P4- Masters Makeup program or P5- The Grand Master Makeup Program are eligible to work as interns with SMA International Makeup Academy at any of our center’s. 


Interns will gather the experience of working as a part of the management at SMA INTERNATIONAL where advanced skills training will be offered as a part of management training. Additionally, interns also develop confidence in their chosen career path and learn the required professionalism of a working environment. After the internship is completed, letters of recommendation are issued to the intern that further assists them in applying to other cosmetic/ makeup organizations. This opens up numerous avenues for interns to work in the industry with their advanced & higher skill sets. 



 Once the internship is over, the interns are now eligible to apply as a trainer at our academy or any other makeup academy. It also gives them opportunities to be placed as a makeup artist with major brands such as MAC, Sephora, Kryolan, Makeup forever, Bobbi Brown, Nykaa Luxe and so many more. 

Completing a makeup artistry course and entering the profession of makeup artistry is a dream career for many people who get happiness in making others look great and transforming their looks through the craft of makeup. The beauty and makeup industry has witnessed a boom in the recent past which has brought about a certain level of competition in the field of makeup artistry. In today’s times, each and every person strives to look their best as it not only boosts their confidence but also lends a feeling of immense positivity. People are being experimental and keen to try new looks in keeping with global beauty trends and this has led to the need to constantly update your makeup skills, train in new advanced techniques and trends in makeup artistry.