by | Jun 26, 2023 | BEAUTY

DAYTIME MAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS TO LOOK DROP- DEAD GORGEOUS ! .So, your social calendar is full! From daytime events that require you to look perfect to glamourous evening dos. Now, when it comes to dressing your face for day time events, a lot of questions pop up- will my foundation melt, will my mascara streak down my face, is my makeup waterproof or more importantly, sweat proof. Daytime makeup looks can be difficult to deal with and master. 

But with a few handy tips and tricks you can achieve a fabulous long lasting daytime look.  No more disasters like melted foundation streaks, mascara stripes running down the face and thick gummy sticky lips. The basics are known to all; use waterproof, sweat proof makeup, hydration and so much more.

 But a few lesser-known tactics around mastering the perfect makeup will help you nail your daytime look without a care for the soaring temperatures and sweltering heat. Here’s the lowdown on how to beat the heat looking every bit gorgeous!



Your sunscreen needs the company of a concealer— While sunscreen is a must, it lends that weird white ghostly tint to your face. To get rid of that and for a smooth texture mix a blob of your concealer with your sunscreen. Apply to protect your skin from a suntan or sunburn as well as to give your skin a smooth texture. 

Hydration, a well-kept secret—Hydrate and cleanse your skin with an ice pack. When out in the sun, your skin is loosing moisture constantly and you don’t want to look like a shriveled raisin, so apply   this handy tip of hydrating your skin with an ice pack and preparing it for makeup application. Ice clears up your skin and lends an even texture to your makeup.

Swap those velvety, creamy products for powdered or matte ones

This will assist in allowing your makeup to last longer versus thick creamy products that tend to get wiped off leaving your face looking patchy. Matte products will stick around longer helping you battle the heat, so switch to matte lipsticks instead of liquid ones and exchange liquid eyeliners for matte eyeliners. 

Is your mascara waterproof? Well, it better be!

Waterproof mascara is a must- have in your day makeup arsenal particularly in the summers. Identify your face’s sweat spots, do you sweat on the brows which is likely to trickle down to your lashes!  Waterproof mascara will keep your eye makeup undamaged for longer and when used properly, waterproof mascara is that one product in your makeup kit you simply won’t be able to do without. 

 Mists for that stunning dewy look. 

Mists boost moisture on the skin.  Additionally, they keep your skin healthy and hydrated. If there’s one product t o be added to your day time makeup kit, it’s the mist. Include it in your regular makeup regime! Mists help in maintaining freshness in your look for a longer duration even when fighting the humidity and heat.

Avoid shimmer or shiny products for your daytime look. 

There is no need for any added shine in your day time look that you won’t already achieve with your usual makeup products. Shiny and shimmery products can melt on the face leaving you with the glitter smattered all over your face and looking like a shiny clown! A nude look is perfect for a daytime look. We tend to sweat more when we use shiny products on our face. Try a nude lipstick instead of shiny lip glosses and get that perfect nude daytime look. 

Have you heard of lip stains?

If you haven’t, it’s time you invested in one and make them an essential feature of your daytime look. Sticky gluey lips are complete put – offs.  Lip stains hold your lip colour in place. They’re a great substitute to lipsticks in the day time. 

Don’t fret your day time looks anymore, With these tips and handy products, step out into the sun and any daytime event looking every bit like the diva you are!