Personal Grooming is a must to succeed professionally | SMA INTERNATIONAL

Personal Grooming is a must to succeed professionally | SMA INTERNATIONAL Personal grooming is not an option but a necessity in today’s times. Whether it’s the corporate sector or the hospitality sector. Most occupations are all about disposition, passion, charisma, self-importance and a kind attitude. A majority of the jobs today are extremely challenging and skills are not adequate enough to endure in today’s competitive scenario. 

A certain lifestyle and personal obligation are essential to stand out in your professional life. Besides, personal grooming is a way of life. Everyone must groom themselves well for their own satisfaction, to enhance  their image and self-esteem. One must always look their best and present themselves in an impressive manner because first impressions are truly last impressions.  More often than not, there is no second chance, and your first impression is consistently the last one. 

Pay attention to your personal grooming. Here’s why

Pay attention to your personal grooming. Here’s why: 

  • Personal grooming is all about showing yourself in the best possible way and putting your best foot forward by focusing on individual hygiene and cleanliness. The way you treat your work environment and more importantly, the way you treat yourself, does, in fact, speak volumes about who you are and what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. 
  • If you are well-groomed it establishes your ability to take good care of yourself creating a positive impression. On the other hand, if you do not care about personal grooming, people will wonder; if you cannot take proper care of yourself, how could you possibly take care of anything else. 
  • You must appreciate that the first impression must be good as often that becomes the last one. It is a good idea to be always nicely turned out and well-dressed while meeting someone you could be schmoozing with. This could be a central factor in renovating your career altogether.
  • Your office contemporaries will pay more attention to you and they would appreciate you a lot more provided you are well-behaved and well-groomed. Your clients will be happy to interact with you as you will only give out positive vibes. If you could look so nice and presentable despite heavy work pressure and hectic schedules people would know that you have the quality to manage your time properly. 

Personal Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

Have an easy  but continual  skincare routine. Stick to it if it works for your skin, no matter what anyone says …

Apply your  makeup in accordance with  the occasion always. Never more and never less. Just right should be the mantra…

Ensure your attire is on point

Body odour is a complete put off so ensure you’re smelling pleasant 

Similarly, make  sure you have  good oral hygiene because bad breath will keep people at a distance! 

 ‘unwanted’ hair is unsightly. Raze it, remove it 

Trim  your nails and keep them clean.

Noone’s asking you to resemble an actress but it is important that you  are be well-groomed to have an advantage over the others around you  and to stay ahead of game and yet on point. 

PERSONAL GROOMING aspects everyone must know 

  1. Rita Verma, Managing Director, Partner and Country Head – India, SMA Makeup Academy tells us that makeup is a very important aspect of the grooming industry, especially when it comes to application on yourself or as a professional. She adds, “we  must take extremely good care when it comes to our  skincare and learn the techniques of basic makeup such as concealing and foundation.”

To achieve flawless makeup, it is important to make sure that skin care is taken care of such as cleansing, toning, moisturising and then makeup application. Grooming leads to self-confidence and lends to personality development which goes hand-in-hand with makeup.

Personal Grooming Tips Every Woman Should Know

AT SMA Makeup Academy, students are first taught to take care of skin and understand skincare so that they can achieve the most flawless finish in makeup. Students get to learn the basics of skin anatomy and how to apply different types of alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid serum to the skin which helps them in grooming their brides to perfection on their big day.