P2 | BEAUTY & Bridal program

The Beauty and Bridal Makeup Program is an extensive study about the different techniques and makeup trends of the Beauty & Bridal Industry.

This program is great for the ones who wish to establish themselves as professional Bridal Makeup Artists. This program includes technicalities from the start of your career to your growth in the industry by understanding and meeting the demands from modern day brides.

Course Module

  • Skin types / skin undertones and shades
  • Foundation, color correcting, color balance and concealers
  • Facial shape analysis, corrective makeup, face sculpting, highlight & shadows
  • Corrective makeup
  • Eyebrows shaping, filing, coloring
  • Corrective eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip correction
  • False eyelash application
  • Face-charts
  • Day makeup
  • Evening makeup
  • Smokey eyes
  • Colorful Smokey eyes
  • Half Cut Crease Technique
  • Full Cut Crease technique
  • Halo eye techniques
  • Makeup for mature women and for men
  • Bridal Consultation
  • Skin Preparation
  • Modern Western Bridal Makeup
  • Indian Bridal Makeup
  • Modern Arabic Bridal Makeup
  • Asian Bridal Makeup


  • Only the best International SMA Certified Instructors.
  • Full-time education: 7-8 hours of professional training per day.
  • NO surprise cost or extra fees. All makeup, brushes, equipment, materials are included in the course fee.
  • ONLY original FDA approved products.
  • Internationally recognised certification from SMA International Makeup Academy.
  • Professional, inclusive and supportive learning environment.



23, Jan,  2023


Timing: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Total duration: 28 days
Education hours: 196 hours

Total Education Fee:

Course fee: 75,000 THB
Makeup Kit: 29,000 THB
(Value of the Makeup Kit is 45,000 THB)

Total: 104,000 THB