Having a busy schedule? Busy with family life or other commitments?
BUT… Loves makeup?

Don’t worry! SMA has designed intensive short courses that is perfect for the ones who can only study around 3 hours a day.

This new beginner Makeup Course starts off with a 17 days fundamental (i-1) where you will learn the importance of understanding the colour wheel, colour theory, skin prep, different skin textures, undertones, concealing, how to even out discolouration in the the skin texture, how to find the right foundation, face and eyebrow/eye shape analysis and corrections, day/evening makeup and product knowledge.

This course is perfect if you want to try out first if this is the right field for you. If you feel that you did the right choice you can always extend during your course moving into
i-2 or i-3.


What will I learn?

  • COMPLEXION: Foundation textures and finishings, product knowledge
  • FACE SHAPE ANALYSIS: Light & Shadow, Face Sculpting and Nose Contouring.
  • FACE SCULPTING & BLUSH APPLICATION: Contour and Highlight for different Faceshapes and Noses with Creme and Powder Textures.
  • Blush application incl. Finishings & Textures
    EYEBROWS (Classic Shape): Shading, Shaping, Filling, Coloring & Eyebrow Textures,
  • CORRECTIVE EYE SHADING: Eyeshapes, Corrective Eyeshadow Techniques with Dry Textures
  • EYELINER: Corrective Eyeliner, Wing Liner & Eyeliner Textures / LIP LINER: Lip Prep, Lip Correction & Lipstick Textures
  • NATURAL & DAY MAKEUP: Color Harmonies and Color Balance, Makeup for Natural Light, Textures, Trends, 1-2 Tone Eyeshadow Technique with Individual Lash Application